School’s out!

It’s been another tough year for our young people who’ve had to adapt to a very new way of learning following the disruption caused by the pandemic. Switching between online and face-to-face lessons, socialising in bubbles and taking regular COVID tests at school have all become the norm. 

Despite the challenges, I have been delighted to hear so many success stories from pupils receiving their GCSE and A-level grades this week and if you are one of those students (I doubt any youngsters will be reading my blog but you never know!), I wish you all the best as you prepare to move on to your next challenge. I’m mindful that there are some of you out there who might not have got the grades that you wanted, or simply don’t know what to do next. There’s lots of free support to help you – whether you need help with writing a CV, guidance on applying for apprenticeships, or simply inspiration on what to do next. Take a look at the Council’s website for more info on these.

I hope the schools are taking a well-earned break this Summer. Most of our schools have remained open throughout the pandemic so I’m sure they will welcome the chance to rest and recharge. My daughter Sophie is a teacher so I know first-hand how hard teachers and other school staff have worked. 

The school holidays should be fun but it can also be challenging to find things to do to entertain the kids, particularly if you’re on a budget. 

Below are some helpful links to a range of activities or facilities in Central Beds that might help to keep your little ones amused and you sane! 

It’s hard to predict what the next academic year will look like, but I’m truly hoping for less disruption for our young ones. One thing that is clear is the resilience of our young people, their parents and carers and staff in schools and colleges for continuing to adapt to these new ways of learning, and I am grateful to you all.



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