Building an energy-efficient future

Recently Chris Pincher MP and Minister of State for Housing, visited a park home site in Central Bedfordshire to see how we have invested £1m in government grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of older, poorly insulated park homes and reduce carbon emissions.

Having good insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and homes and help to tackle fuel poverty. The Minister was able to hear from residents about the difference the work had made with lower gas bills, warmer homes and less worries about maintenance costs in the future.  So, I am very pleased to hear that another project is already underway to insulate more homes and that we have also just launched a new grant scheme for loft and cavity wall insulation.

In all our new buildings we take energy efficiency very seriously and both Thornhill Primary School in Houghton Regis and our new state of the art care home in Leighton Buzzard, recently named Marigold House, will be built to Passivhaus standards.  A Passivhaus building has outstanding eco credentials and needs very little fuel for heating or cooling and will not need a conventional heating system.

Ultimately, it is our children, older residents and staff that will reap the benefits of living and working in one of the healthiest types of building it is possible to build which is both better for the environment and, better for the planet.

One thought on “Building an energy-efficient future

  1. Dear Councillor Wenham Only a few days ago you announced proudly that the CBA plan to build thousands more new houses, especially those devouring the independent identity of the Caddington, Slip End area and thereby destroying the narrow belt of green field between us and Luton. You failed to mention in that blog how much extra pollution MUST be generated by these new properties, plus the lack of any realistic infrastructure to alleviate the crowded road systems etc tp preserve the essential village identity so treasured by the vast majority of residents in this area. At a time when COP26 is invoking more planting of trees etc and preservation of natural environments, your Council should be investing in retaining lower pollution and lower population density of existing areas.
    It may be coincidental that your council prefers to neglect existing highly valued public buildings in our village, whilst promoting usage of properties out of the central village area on the lamest unsubstantiable excuses, whereby residents are expected to travel additional polluting miles to properties not safely reachable except by vehicular means outside the signed village area in order to exercise their democratic voting rights. CBSA had to advertise a free shuttle bus service [more cost!] for residents to be able to access your chosen remote site. Sadly according to your own officials on the day that service did not exist!
    So Mr Wenham how about another blog to tell us with honesty what the real CBA agenda is, rather than avoiding responsibility for existing policies. I should add that the electoral commission have advised me to register an official protest with your Authority. I am surprsesd that CBA appears unaware of recent judgments whereby owners of registered buildings have a LEGAL responsibility not to neglect such existing builsdings for some undisclosed ulterior motives! Time is running out for CBA to come clean!.


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