Green energy and energy efficiency

The climate change agenda really does affect everyone, and we need to address it now for the benefit of our future generations.

I am very pleased to say that CBC is focussed on using renewable energy sources and becoming more energy efficient.

 We have installed solar panels on sixteen of our buildings including schools, libraries, care centres and the Rushmere Country Park visitor centre. These are generating lots of renewable energy. In fact, the solar panels at our Priory House office are providing approximately one-third of the building’s electricity use.

Using more renewable energy and reducing the amount of electricity we need from the National Grid saves us money and helps our planet. LED streetlights are a good example and the ongoing rollout across Central Bedfordshire has seen energy consumption fall by about 60% compared to the old streetlights – this is a considerable financial saving.

A good way to cut CO2 emissions is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel vehicles. We already have new electric vehicles in our fleet and more will follow when current lease arrangements come to an end. 

We continue to look at the latest green technology with three renewable energy projects being trialled, all are part of the ADEPT Smart Places Live Labs Programme and focus on solar, kinetic and thermal energy:-

  • Solar panels on the road surface at our highways depot to provide light, heat and energy to power for the site
  • Kinetic floor tiles at Leighton Buzzard railway station generate energy from passengers’ footsteps to power two USB charging benches and a digital information screen
  • Underground geothermal probes use thermal energy to de-ice our Thorn Turn site, reducing the amount of gritting salt needed

More information on these projects can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Council website.

One thought on “Green energy and energy efficiency

  1. I am pleased that CBC are taking their own carbon footprint seriously. At the same time you are failing to seize the opportunity, that only the local authority has, to influence the carbon footprint of all the numerous new developments in the area. Developers are all about profit, if you don’t make hard and fast rules forcing them to put in solar panels, heat pumps, the highest levels of insulation… etc into these new homes they will not do it. Why would you allow a developer to prioritise a fake chimney over a solar panel on the roof, as is happening in the development beside me. Please CBC get your act together and don’t let the greedy developers get away with anything less than the highest environmental standards, you have have far more power to influence climate change than an individual could.


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