Transport plans to benefit Central Bedfordshire

The first roads date back to the Old Stone Age. It was the Romans who took road building to a new level, building thousands of miles of roads in Britain. 2,000 years on, many signs of their roads like the A1 still exist today. Like us, they knew a thing or two about the importance of good transport networks.

In recent weeks, we secured government funding for two important transport schemes.

The first is for a new M1 to A6 link road. This will reduce congestion and ‘rat run’ traffic in villages like Lower Sundon, Upper Sundon and Streatley. It will make us more attractive to businesses and link to a new rail freight interchange at Sundon. This will help transfer goods to and from the M1 to the Midland Mainline and beyond, shifting more freight from road to rail.

There is also money to improve the notoriously busy Clophill roundabout, easing congestion and improving safety.

Work will soon start on the new Arlesey Relief Road too. This will make a difference locally and support new development.

We’re also pushing for improvements to the A1, but this belongs to Highways England so it’s not ours to change.

Buses are important for Central Bedfordshire. We want to make buses a real alternative to cars.

Working with the bus operators, services will improve in the coming years, with greener, better connected and more reliable services for all. Encouraging people to use buses instead of their cars will reduce traffic on our roads, improve air quality and tackle climate change.

We’re also investing in better cycling and walking routes too.

While the council can make investments and changes, often we have more influence when we link up with others. That’s why I have become the Chair of England’s Economic Heartland. This important transport body puts the needs of businesses, individuals and the environment at the forefront of future investment decisions.

Good transport is critical for Central Bedfordshire. It helps us thrive and brings us closer to important things like our work, family and friends.

5 thoughts on “Transport plans to benefit Central Bedfordshire

  1. Dear Councillor Wenham, Presumably part of your logic is to allow traffic on the already overcrowded local roads to escape the impending chaotic jams as you insist on building thousands more houses to destroy the delightful villages to the West and South of your proposal!


  2. I note CBC are investing in footpath and cycleways. How does this affect villages like Langford where there are no cycle routes for children between the village and secondary schools?
    Also are there funds avaialble to widen the narrow and dangerous footpaths in the village itself?


  3. Lots of generalizations in your statement all of which will be welcomed if they ever come to fruition. Of course buses must be seen as a viable alternative for car usage but we are light years away from achieving this and to say that services will improve in the coming years is simply not good enough or fast enough. A country style bus service with an hourly timetable that finished in the early evening will not persuade me to forego the convenience of using my car.


  4. what a weak announcement which says almost nothing about how you will cater for the 25,000/30,000 additional cars that will reside at the new houses you are building. A woefully inadequate announcement, it make me wonder if you have the skills to manage this portfolio. It would appear you have no Transport plan for this area and fail to understand the needs of residents. Think again.


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