Mourning Her Majesty The Queen

The nation is in mourning at the loss of Her Majesty The Queen and it is an extremely sad time.

Leader of Central Bedfordshire Council, Councillor Richard Wenham, in mourning.

The Queen has been the strength of the nation. Her 70-year reign means she was the UK’s longest serving monarch and a truly great leader standing out in our long history.  She will be fondly remembered by the nation, long into the future.

Her Majesty The Queen was driven by her sense of duty which remained right to the end. Throughout her long reign she has been the symbol of stability and stoic through difficult times.  Her smile and gentle humour brought warmth to many formal occasions.

My thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the Royal Family at this time. I know they will take comfort in the reaction and support from the public both here and across the globe.

Thank-you Queen Elizabeth II.

Heat and exam results

On the 18th and 25th of this month, students across Central Bedfordshire opened their exam results. This year is the first year since 2019 that students have sat exams in the pre-pandemic format and I can only imagine that must have been quite daunting for some. It was great news that the average point score per entry for our A-level students came out as 35.31 or ‘B  grade’ as I know it. A 5.14 points increase from 2019’s (30.17), or ‘C grade’.

Whatever your individual results were, or if you are uncertain about your future plans, Central Bedfordshire Council has plenty of free advice and support regarding what to do next. Our careers portal, Find Your Future is for 14-to-19-year-olds. Also, our Youth Support Service offers support to 16 to 18 years olds, or up to 25-year -olds for those with Education, Health and Care Plans. Simply email:

I mentioned this last time, but Central Bedfordshire Council has over 70 apprentices this year in a diverse range of roles which is another excellent career avenue for all ages to apply for.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer and I’m glad it has not been as hot as it was last month. Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in fires because everywhere has been so dry and although we don’t have a hose pipe ban in our area, it is certainly making us all the more conscious about wasting water. Through the heatwave, we created our ‘Cool Places’ – venues across Central Bedfordshire where residents could go to stay cool. This offer was well received along with our work to make sure shelter was provided to those who are homeless. Please be assured that if we have a very hot spell again, then this offer will be made available for all that need it.

As the summer holiday draws to a close, I would just like to wish all students a successful start to the 2022/2023 school year.