Tackling climate change

Earlier this month (November 2022), the COP27 climate change summit took place to review progress and decide on new commitments to tackle the climate emergency.

As a Council we are choosing sustainable energy sources, using LED streetlights, building new schools and care homes to the latest sustainability standards to reduce our carbon emissions.

We also have initiatives to improve the natural environment. From the last tree planting season, 18,500 new trees and shrubs were planted and over 3km new hedgerow laid. Soon, we will be planting our first Tiny Forest projects. The size of a tennis court, Tiny Forests are dense fast-growing native woodland, planted to improve areas of urban tree population and help connect communities to nature in their area.

We’re also helping our residents to be greener. We’re creating more walking and cycling routes, providing free trees to residents and local organisations, creating 48 new electric vehicle charging points and have launched Solar Together, our first group-buying solar panel scheme.

We can all play our part in protecting the climate by reusing where we can and otherwise recycling. Central Bedfordshire Council provide extensive recycling options for our residents, but our recent analysis of bins shows that 70% of what we put into our black bins could have been recycled, either in your recycling bin, food or garden waste bins or at one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres. We’re encouraging everyone to “bin better”.

Our ‘Bin Better’ campaign, including a new online tool at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/binbetter can help you decide which items can be recycled into the appropriate bin.